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Visual Diary 


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Freelands Foundation Symposium 2023

Hosted by Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Arriving at in Edinburgh, welcome drinks at Talbot Rice Gallery 
Exploring The recent exhibition
DAY 1: Myriam Lefkowitz ‘Walk, Hands, Eyes' one-to-one performance walk and workshop

Talbot Rice Galleryⓒ

Talbot Rice Galleryⓒ

Talbot Rice Galleryⓒ

Talbot Rice Galleryⓒ

Freelands Foundationⓒ

Drinks reception on rooftop
balcony with invited industry
guests at
Edinburgh College of art & veggie haggis at Howie’s
DAY 2: Eco-Emotions & Geological
Intimacy – talks/workshop
University of Edinburgh academics Andrew Patrizio and Mihaela Mihai lead discussion and provocations around research into ‘eco-emotions’ and geological intimacy

Visiting Collective
Thomas Abercromby - ‘John’
(Absolutely loved this)
DAY 3: A tour of Edinburgh Sculpure Workshop  (I fell in love with the place)

National Galleries Scotland curator introduction  Alberta Whittle: create dangerously exhibition

Big thank you to Talbot Rice Gallery for hosting us. Special thanks to Stuart Fallon for taking care of us so well. And special thanks to Wingshan Smith supporting my access needs when I had a chest infection.
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