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Reframing Bournemouth

2012, Bournemouth Arts Festival 
Curated by Bevis Fenner 

Reframing Bournemouth (2012) is a relational art project led by Bevis Fenner in collaboration with students from Arts University Bournemouth over a six month period from April to October 2012. The aim of the project was to engage these young artists in creative practice away from the 'hothouse' of art school, by refocusing on their everyday lives, living and working in a tourist resort. They were asked to use their student breaks to consider the idea of holidaying at home or 'staycationing' as a form of art practice. Students were invited to respond to the notion of Bournemouth as an everyday tourism space, and to consider how their own studio practice might be influenced by their use of Bournemouth’s seafront environment.

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